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MNC's goal is to partner with companies to drive operational excellence and accelerate profitability through developing cost reduction strategies, streamlining procurement processes and developing robust and repeatable sourcing strategies.

We exercise a collaborative approach with our clients and work to understand their business strategy and unique challenges. Through robust data collection and rigorous process analysis, we diagnose and present actionable recommendations. Collaboration with our clients ensures all solutions we develop are aligned with their strategy and customized to meet their business objectives and culture.

MNC brings over 30 years of industry experience in strategic procurement, commodity management, business process re-engineering, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, cost analysis, and operations consulting.  

​Many clients lack the infrastructure, tools and subsequent ability to control the cost of raw material and purchased content.  This has the potential, in many cases, to artificially skew our clients bids in the marketplace.   We want to eliminate this risk, enable your company to be more competitive and ultimately boost profit margins on existing business.